I believe that yoga is a means to get closer to ourselves, allowing us to access our energy body through our physical body.  The practices I teach aren’t about perfecting a posture, but instead allowing for and accepting our bodies as they move into the expression available to them on any given day.  Through slowing down and being present, we truly show up for ourselves on the mat, and are subsequently able to cultivate awareness of how life off the mat is impacting us.  We are able to tap into unconscious forces that are impacting our daily lives once our mind has been given the space for these things to rise to the surface.

I have thorough experience teaching a variety of yoga styles, from Yin and Restorative practices, to Power and Detox, to name a few.  I encourage students to foster grounding and mindfulness in all classes, as it is essential to take time to draw our energy out of our minds and back into our bodies.  Through deeply grounding, we are more easily able to navigate life, not getting lost to the highs and lows we may encounter during our days.

Feeling strong physically supports us in feeling more empowered off the mat. You will find me implementing a strength training philosophy into some of my more power based classes, as it is also an essential component to a strong, balanced and healthy body. I am eager to also offer classes that focus more directly on Functional Movements and Mindful Strengthening, which some may say deviate from yoga, however others feel that because it complements it so perfectly, and it is a yoking of elements, is perfectly yoga. You be the judge!

You will find me teaching predominantly at Samatva Yoga, at both the Westend and Downtown locations.  You can find my schedule here

I also offer specialized yoga workshops out of Full Circle Health Network, and throughout the community.  To check in on upcoming events, pop over here

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