“I came into contact with Andrea while I was going through a very challenging time in my life. Before meeting Andrea, I had never worked with an energy healer before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after just one session I experienced a noticeable shift in my life. My first session with her was one of the most powerful and healing experiences I have ever had in my life. I continued to see Andrea a few times a month and began to feel better and better with each session. Before meeting Andrea, my life was consumed with fear, but after each session, I felt grounded and noticed my energy shift to a completely different place where there was only bright light. I always looked forward to each session because I knew I would walk away feeling better than when I arrived.  Andrea is a beautiful person who listens attentively, offers intuitive advice, and brings light into people’s lives.  I am so grateful I experienced the powerful energy healing which Andrea offers. She has helped me tremendously in many ways, and whenever fear tries to enter my life, I remember the tools and advice Andrea has given me during our sessions.”

– Paris, Kingston ON

In the last 9 months I have experienced diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.  I went from an active life and a strong, healthy body to a significant loss of muscle, a lot of tissue damage to my chest, and significant loss of shoulder mobility.  Lymphedema compounds the difficult task of rebuilding mobility and strength.
Fortuitously, I connected with Andrea.  Through her knowledge, skill, and training the evolution of strength and mobility in just 6 weeks is rather astonishing.  She worked together with my physiotherapist (Christine Campbell) to slowly introduce movements and exercises to build strength and mobility in a logical and progressive fashion.  
There is also the emotional and spiritual side to healing.  During our time together I discovered what I now light-heartedly refer to as “The Button”.  Certain movements would cause me to cry – not because they hurt physically, but because of some unfathomable emotional response.  As soon as the movement stopped, I would stop crying.  Andrea helped me to see that this is the healing of the whole being – not just the physical body. 
After the experience of cancer and its treatment, the world is new.  The body is new.  The things that worked before may not be appropriate for this new body.  It was overwhelming to consider all of the many options for fitness training – most of which are not appropriate for someone just coming out of treatment.  Andrea really helped to sort through how to start, how to proceed, and how to plan the next stage of getting stronger and more mobile.  She brought clarity, simplicity, and efficiency that I can work with now as I move forward with this new me.”

– Kathy, Kingston ON

“I started taking yoga classes at age 51.  It was a daunting step for me to take as I knew very little about yoga. In the studio, I struggled with self confidence: could I really bend and twist my body into shapes being asked by the person guiding the class? Could I keep up with all the younger students in the class and not embarrass myself?
Over the last year I have learned about being vulnerable, showing my weaknesses and allowing myself to get guidance from instructors. I continue to learn to not be concerned with being perfect but accepting myself where I am today.
I’ve also learned that without trust it is difficult to be vulnerable. I have learned to trust Piper as one of my instructors. I enjoy taking classes with Piper. She is a kind, compassionate, knowledgable, fun and experienced instructor. She is very sensitive to the vibe in the class and can amp up the workout or tone it down depending on the signals we send her. Piper believes that we need to look after not only our physical bodies but our minds as well and gently leads us to thoughtful meditation. Piper reminds us that what we think is a crucial link to how we feel.  I am fortunate to have met Piper and have her guide me on this new journey. “

– Kim,  Kingston ON

“I’ve been practicing yoga for over 7 years now at Samatva and Piper is one of the best instructors I have ever had. I’ve always been impressed by Piper’s attention to detail in terms of explaining the postures and the anatomy behind them. In addition, her cues are always clear and straightforward with an emphasizes on performing each posture safety depending on ones own body.  Her funny quips throughout class are enjoyable and remind you to not take each moment so seriously. Piper is welcoming and friendly. She is always keen to listen and share but most importantly she recognizes that everyone is different, each body is different, and each one of us brings something different to class each day we practice. What Piper instills in her students is to appreciate the present moment.”

– Gail, Kingston ON

“As I was coming towards the end of my cancer treatments, I was made aware of Yoga classes that were being offered through the cancer clinic. I wanted to join and regain some of my physical strength but was a bit fearful of joining a group class when still immune suppressed from all my treatments. Of course, it was the worst flu season on record with a vaccine that didn’t quite cover all the virus’ circulating! I couldn’t imagine going to a regular gym or studio. I knew that other individuals undergoing cancer treatments would be sensitive to the concerns of others who are immune suppressed and not attend classes if unwell. I mustered up the courage to go and have absolutely no regrets! We have had classes held at KHSC and now the YMCA and all are instructed by Andrea Pritchard of Into the Flow. Andrea has specialized training and expertise in adjusting yoga for those with cancer. She guides us in the many forms of yoga as well as guided meditation. If you are hesitant to join because of your immune system, your physical strength, your pain levels, your prior knowledge of yoga….. I encourage you to talk to your doctor and then contact Andrea. I know you won’t regret it!”

– Karen, Kingston ON

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