Reiki & Restorative Yoga

Sunday Mar 29, 2020
$40 (includes HST)

Full Circle Health Network
Unit 110, #4 Cataraqui St, Kingston, ON

Each phase of the moon has something to offer us energetically.  As we prepare to enter the Last Quarter, the energies are inviting us to direct our attention inward, to discover what it is time to let go of, to acknowledge what or who we need to forgive. 

When we create space, and the New Moon arises, we are able to begin the
process of setting new intentions, readying for the power the Full Moon will

In this practice, we use the energy of the Last Quarter Moon combined with
the power of Reiki healing to support us in accepting where we have been
clinging to old outdated stories and beliefs, releasing their bindings and
manifesting all the we desire.

This is your time to ground, to cleanse, and to start anew. 

Through deeply restorative yoga, energy healing and meditation, this practice will help move out the old, preparing the way for all you wish to create.

Aromatherapy will be used to support and deepen your experience.

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