Reiki & Restorative Yoga

Sunday Nov 10, 2019
$40 (includes HST)

Full Circle Health Network
Unit 110, #4 Cataraqui St, Kingston, ON

November is a powerful month where energies are high and access to our spirit and the higher realms is easier. November 10th specifically, in Numerology, signifies New Beginnings.
This month, any focused effort to bring healing into our lives is amplified emotionally, physically and spiritually, so in this practice, you will tune into your body and what it needs in order to take action and bring healing into all levels of your life. You just have to look inside to discover everything that you need to move forward and grow, to experience the transformation you wish for.

Through deeply restorative yoga, energy healing and meditation, this practice will help recharge and replenish your soul.

Pure light energy is offered to you throughout the class to support your journey, to help guide you deeper into the experience, and to help you shed the layers that time and experience has laid upon you.

Guided Meditation will lead you through a journey of conscious manifestation, supporting our awareness of how we actively create our world.

Aromatherapy will be used to support and deepen your experience.

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