Whether it be through movement or stillness, meditation is something that each and every one of us would benefit from engaging in. In the exceptionally busy and chaotic culture we currently live in, meditation allows us to find a reprieve from the stressful over booked lives and over stimulated brains most of us are experiencing.

Ritualistic practices such as meditation are a lost art, but one that our society desperately needs to enable us to not only find a balance, but to more easily navigate the shifting and changing landscapes of our lives.

Meditation is an opportunity to get to know ourselves, the parts that we may have hidden away, the parts we may be avoiding, the parts that feel overwhelming, all of the parts perceived good, bad or ugly and through compassion, find acceptance and take ownership of every single piece.

Meditation isn’t about stopping our thoughts, but instead it is about allowing the thoughts to come and go without getting carried off in the story. As a practice evolves, and we train our minds to more easily embrace the quiet, we find times where there is nothing but space and peacefulness. We also find that we become more conscious of the more subtle energies that flow through and around us.

I am passionate about sharing this ancient practice with others, and offer guidance and support through a variety of options.

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