Individualized Soul Program

We are all such beautifully unique creatures. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our path. In order to experience deep transformation, it is essential that we address all that makes us, us.


The Individualized Soul Program is for those who are ready to go deep into themselves, deep into their healing. It is a program where we use Yoga & Body Work, Meditation, Energy Therapy and Coaching to help you realize all that’s lay hidden, be it the passions or the shadows.

When we address all parts of self, approaching our healing in a holistic way, things move that much more effectively. Because when we address one piece, the ripple effect radiates throughout our whole being, allowing for shifting, transforming, and aligning with our deepest needs, desires and passions.

This program is tailored specifically to you, what it is that you are seeking, what you need, and realistically, how much time in the day you have to devote to your path.  And your body talks, so in addition to some essential foundational practices, the program truly is Individualized based on what is coming up in your energy field!

Contact me for your free 30 minute consultation
and let’s see if we are a fit!

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