Energy Therapy


The world of energy is vast and complex, and on a daily basis, scientists are exploring how this world is impacting our physical experience.   The good thing is that you don’t need to understand any of it in order to benefit from the deeply healing benefits that Energy Work can provide you.

One of the most well-known forms of Energy Therapy is Reiki, an ancient healing practice that has been documented to have far reaching benefits, while being very gentle and incredibly relaxing to experience.

How does it work?  
Reiki helps your energy increase in vibration so that your system can do what it innately knows how to, to work efficiently and to heal. This is what our systems are built to do. Cells are programmed to keep our systems clean and functioning optimally, and cells also respond to the mind and it’s direction. Being that we are all energy, our physical tissues, our mental chatter, our deeply ingrained beliefs, each one directly impacting the rest, we need to help our bodies and minds out, however when we forget to or life makes it increasingly difficult to, Reiki can step in to support getting you back on track. Like a river, energy wants to flow, and a Reiki Practitioner supports getting those blockages out of the way in order for that to happen.

Who can benefit?
In short, everyone.
Whether you are feeling anxious, exhausted, suffer from aches and pains, or have been diagnosed with something much more serious, Energy Work can help.
When things fall into a state of physical, mental and/or emotional disharmony, our nervous system becomes depleted, our immune system overloaded, and when we are exhausted it is challenging to bring ourselves back into balance. Reiki can support you in a gentle yet very effective way, allowing you to strengthen your system on every level to find healing.

People come to me for such a vast array of reasons.  Here are just a few examples:
Support in navigating the anxiety that arises during Chemotherapy treatments;
Dealing with PTSD;
Facing major life changes;
Facing loss and grief, both recent as well as in the distant past/childhood;
When modern medicine couldn’t determine the source/the why;
And so many more.

What can you expect during a session?
Our time together is much more than just a Reiki Treatment.  During our first session, it is important for me to get a sense of you and what your life looks like outside of our time together.  In order for me to truly guide and assist you, it is important for me to ensure that you have supports in place to help you navigate you on your journey.

As we work together, when blocked energy really begins to move, it can have a ripple effect and things from the past may surface in order to be released.  At times, this can be a gentle ruffling of feathers, though in some cases it can cause long buried memories and intense emotions to arise. Without the right tools in place, feelings of overwhelm can arise and be difficult to navigate.

As well, I am often guided to share important information with you, to support you in shifting out of the places where you are stuck, to help move the energy in the direction your soul is asking to go, to support your healing.

Within just a few sessions, some of the many benefits that you can expect to experience are:

  • Promotion of Health & Wellbeing
  • Aiding in Relaxation
  • Promoting a Peaceful & Positive Outlook
  • Fostering of Mental Clarity
  • Help with Pain Management
  • Releasing Muscle Stress & Tension
  • Relieving of Anxiety & Depression
  • Improvement of Natural Healing Processes
  • Strengthening the Immune & Digestive Systems
  • Clearing of Toxins
  • Improvement of Meditative State

How many sessions does it take?
Just like it takes us time to arrive at a place where we feel stuck or healing needs to be explored, it takes time to move through and past our “stuff”.  Energy Therapy is a profound system to support you, and because there are many variables that impact you and the trajectory of your healing, the number of sessions you will need is going to be unique to you and what it is you are looking for.

Know that you are always at the helm.  The more dedicated you are to the process, and the more open and ready you are to let go and let things flow, the easier your system releases.

Additional Information
Energy Work & Reiki are not affiliated with any religion or religious practice, nor does one need to be spiritual to benefit from it, however for some it can be a very spiritual experience.

Treatments are currently done remotely.  The wonderful thing about the world of energy is that time and space are irrelevant, so Distant Healing Treatments are just as effective as when in the same room.

If you have any questions about how Energy Therapy or Reiki can support you, or if you wish to schedule a Session, please reach out

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