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As a child, I remember how much I loved to be in my body, to play, to run fast and feel the wind whizzing by, to explore anything and everything I could outside, and to get good and dirty.

Though I grew up living and breathing competitive sport and athletics, words like health and wellness were not common language around our home.  Yoga, meditation and energy or spirituality were certainly not conversation topics at the dinner table.  Those things came later.

My childhood offered some wonderful moments, though it also offered some challenges and heartbreaks.  The challenges, I can see now, shaped who and where I am today, for if it weren’t for those, I would never as an adult have felt the need to heal and seek a different path.

I always knew that my soul felt the call to teach, to share, and to help, as a child playing pretend teacher and master booboo healer.  As an adult, this desire led me into Social Services where I worked for 16 years supporting people through some very significant career and life changes.

As I helped others, I felt the need to continue to do my own inner work.  Yoga called to me, first to help me find a physical means to shift energies that were well stuck, not eager to move.  And later, as I moved into role of teacher, a way to share the profound impact it had on me with others.  Energy Work was another path I embarked on, initially to peel back the layers of the person I had become due to self-preservation and as a response to what society had in mind for me.  Though over time, something deep inside beckoned me to want to support others through energy work, knowing that this is a significant missing piece for so many, a piece that is keeping us imbalanced and disconnected from the deepest most beautiful places within ourselves.

In addition to Yoga and Reiki, I have engaged in many other modalities to support my healing, my growth, my shedding, my transformation.  And being that I am still alive, the journey is far from over.

The passing of my mother to cancer opened a door into another world, where I discovered so many were not being supported in a holistic and sustainable way.  In addition to my other work, I am passionate about connecting with and supporting those who have been diagnosed with cancer, ensuring they have a place to go to support them on their journey towards wellbeing and health. 

I don’t look back on anything I have been through with anything but gratitude, for if it weren’t for the toughest times and biggest heartbreaks, I wouldn’t have ever felt the push to change.  And as uncomfortable as change typically is, it is a constant in this life, and something I have learned to embrace instead of fear.  Change has brought me here, and I am so grateful that it did.

I am so grateful to my husband and children, who allow me the space to continue to grow and the support necessary to invest in myself, which in turn allows me to continually evolve and benefit those I work with.

Know that I understand, I have been there and I am here to help.

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification
Yoga4Cancer Teacher Training Certification
Mindful Strength Intensive Teacher Training Certification
Karuna Reiki Master Certification
CanFitPro Personal Training Certification
BA Sociology

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